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Wedding Tree Strain

Wedding Tree is a joint effort between Humboldt Seed Co. and HendRx Farms, long time collaborators with this northern Californian cannabis breeder. The HendRx nursery has assisted HSC often in the past and this time they created the Lemon Tree strain by mixing Wedding Cake strain and Lemon Tree strain. Wedding Tree is a Sativa-dominant strain (60%) with an exciting and enticing terpene profile and very high THC production.

This Lemon Tree strain is a remarkable plant, which can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoor flowering takes 70 days to complete with explosive growth patterns that are perfect for growers who need their plants quickly! Outdoors you’ll have the chance to harvest this beautiful cannabis strain between October 10th – 25th.

It’s easy enough to grow but don’t underestimate its terpene power–make sure you use a good carbon filter so as not to overwhelm your neighbors homes.

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