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CANNA BioTerra Soil


Canna Terra is a UK company that produces a host of nutrients and substrates that are specially designed for growing the healthiest plants using the very best ingredients. Very popular with UK growers Canna Terra is ideal for cultivating indoor & outdoor.

In the Canna Bio Terra Soil, we have a prime example of one of Canna Terra’s best-selling and most popular soils. Providing exceptional results for every type of potting mix, Canna Bio Terra soil is part of Canna’s organic line and is 100% organic whilst meeting all the necessary requirements for organic grows.

If you’re after the best soil for marijuana but would like to keep it completely organic, then check out Canna Terra.

CANNA BioTerra Soil

CANNA BioTerra Soil

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus is specially designed and formulated for use with BIOCANNA’s Bio Vega and BIOCANNA’s Bio Flores or CANNA’s Terra Vega and CANNA’s Terra Flores nutrients. Change to BIOCANNA’s Bio Flores after the first signs of flowering appear and if using artificial light, after changing the day length.

When used with these nutrients, new and experienced growers alike will achieve the optimum results possible. BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus is composed of different high grades of peat, bark, and coco coir and made to the high RHP quality mark standard.


Each and every CANNA product has been thoroughly researched, tested, and designed with the very best quality ingredients to help growers of all levels the ability to achieve the highest yields possible.

When you’re looking for the best soil for weed be sure to check out Canna Terra’s full range of products, although not locally available in the USA or Canada, like your Mother Earth, Coast of Maines, or Pure Life Soil, those extra shipping fees may be well worth it in the end.