The History of Volleyball: Where Volleyball Started

The popular sport of volley ball has charmed people and players for ages and has evolved as recognized sports of current times. The game was originally known as Mintonette and was invented in the year 1895. The game is more than 100 years old today. William G Morgan was the pioneer of this popular game. He was a graduate from the elite Springfield College of the YMCA who had designed this game as combination sports of tennis, handball, basketball and baseball.  This led to the foundation and commencement of the idea of volleyball before the world.

Volleyball Players

Origination of Volleyball

Volleyball was originated in United States of America and has achieved humongous popularity over the ages. Volley ball had started on a very confined scale in the initial days and it has emerged as a popular sport on the global basis such that its popularity in US has soared high. Volley ball ranks after soccer and with the growing popularity and overwhelming participation of players it is anticipated to dilate its portfolio beyond all boundaries.

Volleyball was originally called Mintonette when it was invented as a recreation sport by William G Morgan and Holyoke Massachssetts that could be initially played by any number of players. The game had some of its characteristics from tennis and handball along with basketball. The first setoff rules and norms were laid down by Willian G Morgan defined the net size to be 6 feet and 6 inches high and the court to have a dimension of about 25 ft× 50 ft with any number of players. Gradual developments took place and rules were restated to frame this into a proper sport.

The First game of Volley ball

Alfred Halstead on noticing the nature of the game in 1896 termed it as Volley ball. The rules of the game were eventually modified and new set of norms and regulations were also put forth. The game gained popularity and it was soon spread to many nations across the globe. Today there about 46 million Americans who play volley ball and about 800 million players all across the globe playing volleyball. On 7th July in the year 1896 the first game of volley ball was played at the Springfield College.

Advancements and Popularity of the Game

The 1st official ball which was used in the game was disputed. Some claim it to be created in 1896 while others believe it to be played in 1900. Initially the game was played for 21 points which was later changed to 15 points. In the year 1919, 16000 volley balls were distributed among the allies and troops of American Expeditionary forces that contributed to the rise and spread of the game. Like the advancement of the sport, various companies have developed the best volleyball shoes which not only keep the feet comfortable but also provide an overall good feel to the player.

Canada was the very first nation to adopt the game after US in the year 1900. The first world championship was held in the year 1949 which was for men in 1952 for women. This sport has become widely popular in Europe, Russia, Brazil and many more countries in Asia. Today Volley ball is an Olympic sport and is also included at Para Olympics which is managed by world organization volleyball for the disabled and physically challenged.

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball has emerged as a popular sport over the years and has led to the foundation of the new sports of beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is a slight variation to the game which is played on sand and with just 2 players in each team. This game was also included in the Olympics program in the year 1996 Summer Olympics. With each year passing by and sports being celebrated, volley ball has emerged as a prominent game that is played all across the globe today.