Vlogging, What is it and How Does it Work?

Informative And Educative Details About Vlogging

Vlogging is creating a blog that contains video content instead of just the usually written content. This means that the content on the blog will be shared in form of videos combined with the written content. More bloggers are preferring to use this type of blogging because it has a better explanations where the visitors can understand the content better according to Vlog Planet. As a blogger one is able to even demonstrate various points which would have been hard to explain using just words. Vlogging is also becoming increasingly popular because the applications that support the videos are also increasing. As a result, more people are able to easily view the videos using different kinds of gadgets.

To do vlogging effectively one needs a camera that has video capability and a modern computer that has high speed internet connection. The first step should be to create a blog using the various popular blog hosting sites. One should then make the video to be posted and save it on the computer. There are different applications that can be used to make the videos such as Quick Time and Windows Movie Maker amongst others. After saving the video one should proceed to compress it so that it does not occupy a lot of space.

To post the video one should start by creating a screen capture of an image from the video that is already saved and compressed. One should then get the video and publish it online using one of the various hosting services including the ones that are free. The next step should be to create a blog entry and then add the image and the link to the video. The last step is getting an RSS feed with enclosures and proceeding to publish the blog at a website such as Feedburner or any other similar website.

Vlogging usually gives people more freedom than using the mainstream media. This is mainly because it is not meant to make money and as a result people are able to post almost anything they want. There are no restrictions such as the ones found in some websites or on television. Consequently, people who post the videos on the blog can post even videos with sensitive materials and still get away with it. Even if this type of bogging is already popular, its popularity is expected to grow even further as people look for content that has helpful information. The number of people with devices that can support these videos has increased significantly. Therefore, Vlogging is helpful in blogging through videos and more people are expected to prefer this kind of blogging over the conventional way of blogging.