The Benefits of A Solar Powered Fence Charger

A lot of farmers that have livestock will use electrified fencing to ensure none of it tries to escape. Electric fencing is a great way of keeping animals in check and sends out a strong warning to them if they do try to escape. Electric fences are very effective, especially for farmers, but they can be somewhat very expensive to run and maintain. You need to have a constant power source going to them which be make your electricity bill costly. What happens if you have acres and acres of land that needs an electric fence round it, how much will it cost to keep the fence running? Luckily there is a great way that you can ensure 100% uptime with your electric fence, and you don’t even have to pay to use it. Yes you guessed right, its solar energy. Using a solar powered fence chargers you’ll be automatically generating power from the sun for your fence. You buy a special box that you connect to the fence that collects solar energy and electrifies the fence. These boxes have small solar strips attached to them to collect the energy, so you don’t have to have big panels connected to it. The marketplace isn’t that big for these products, but you still have to know what you’re looking for. We suggest you check out this buying guide to the top fence chargers that are solar powered, which has in-depth reviews of each model and what to look for when purchasing one. Most of the models are relatively the same size and fit most electric fences easily. However, you should always check the manufacturer specifications to make sure that the model is right for your fence. You can save yourself a fortune with these solar options, they just continually store power all day long. For a quality model you’re probably looking at having to spend in the $50-100 region, which considering how much money you will save on your bills is an absolute bargain. A few of the good manufacturers to look out for are Fi-Shock and Zareba who produce some of the best solar boxes for electric fences. One major factor that you need to consider when purchasing one is the range of the charger. Different models power up different ranges. Some models cover a great sized electric fence that others, so you need to check that the model you’re interested in covers the whole range of your electric fence. Also some models store energy longer than others, so always check how long they can store the sunlight for. There’s really no let-downs to using one of these beauties, just make sure you’re purchasing one that fits and will supply your current fence. Who doesn’t want to save money, especially when managing livestock and animals all year long?